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Concentrate on Our Cause and Work Hard to Promote Further Development —— Shanghai Universal’s 3 millionth TEU rolled off the line at Guangzhou container manufacturing facility
发布时间: 2018-06-14

  On June 7, 2018, within the plant area of Dong Fang International Container (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., an affiliate of Shanghai Universal Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd., located in Nansha District, Guangzhou, amid the boom of machines and the hoisting and lowering of containers, a commemorative moment is about to come at the container outlet of the container production line. At 3:18PM, in the presence of COSCO Shipping Development Company Limited’s CEO Wang Daxiong, COSCO Shipping Development Company Limited’s general manager Liu Chong, leaders of China COSCO Shipping Corporation Limited’s container management division, leaders of Shanghai Universal Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd. (“Shanghai Universal”) and Shanghai Universal’s key business partners and employees on site, an ocean blue, new COSCO SHIPPING container marking Shanghai Universal’s accumulative production of 3 million TEUs with red flag and ribbons appeared gradually at the container outlet of Guangzhou container manufacturing facility.

  The figure of 3 million containers represents the arrival of a particular moment, but extraordinary, painstaking efforts behind this figure are really moving.

  As a Chinese proverb goes, “one minute on the stage requires ten years of practice”. Behind the one-minute roll-off of the foregoing new container from the production line is thirteen years’ hard work by Shanghai Universal’s three container manufactories located in Jinzhou, Lianyungang and Guangzhou. Honing gives a sharp edge to a sword, and bitter cold adds keen fragrance to plum blossom. Through a review of the struggle in the past thirteen years, these three container manufacturing factories joined hands to overcome numerous hardships and tests bravely during fierce market competition and thus forged Dong Fang International Container’s unflinching spirit thanks to their persistence and strong conviction. Shanghai Universal’s container manufacturing business has evolved from a nobody in the industry to an industry leader at present. All this carries China COSCO Shipping people’s dreams and expectations for the future.

  In the past thirteen years, those three container manufacturers affiliated to Shanghai Universal have set up modern container manufacturing plants from scratch on patches of barren field, and accomplished the Dong Fang’s speed of building and putting into operation three new container manufactories within only two years, i.e., 2005 and 2006. Trailblazers toiled through frozen land in northern Jiangsu, Northeast China Plain and then riverside areas in South China. They managed to conquer not just regional geographical differences but also huge challenges from different geological conditions. With the completion of pile foundations and erection of steel framed structures, a number of modern container manufacturing facilities have been successively set up within merely several months. When Lianyungang container manufacturing plant’s first TEU rolled off the production line, the sound of firecrackers seemed to linger and the smiles of the constructors remained vivid in our memory. Since then, Shanghai Universal has officially started its struggle in container manufacturing market and stepped on the path to pursuit of its glorious dream.

  Within the past thirteen years, those three container manufactories located in eastern coastal China in the north-middle-south direction, just like three vibrant teenagers, have stood out in Chinese manufacturing industry at an amazing speed. Lianyungang container manufacturing facility used to complete the roll-out of 100,000 TEUs within only 10 months, while Guangzhou container manufacturing facility created a miracle of completing the factory construction from land reclamation to roll-off of its first container within 9 months. When the first outer container of Lianyungang container manufacturing facility was unveiled 11 years ago, Shanghai Universal officially commenced its efforts to participate in market competition. Jinzhou container manufacturing facility also tried to catch up. Within five years after it was put into operation, Jinzhou facility accomplished the production benchmark of 200,000TEUs. For Lianyungang facility, it welcomed the debut of Shanghai Universal’s 1 millionth TEU in 2011, five years after it was first put into operation. This record was quickly broken. In 2015, only four years after the foregoing record, Shanghai Universal’s 2 millionth TEU rolled off from the production line of Jinzhou container manufacturing facility. Guangzhou container manufacturing facility, which is located in the hinterlands of the Pearl River Delta, created an industry-leading record of single shift production in 2015 and achieved the industry’s third highest production for double shifts on a single line in 2017. In 2018, these three manufacturing facilities successively set production records in the industry. This June finally witnessed the roll-off of Shanghai Universal’s 3 millionth TEU at Guangzhou container manufacturing facility. Shanghai Universal’s rise from a small player in container manufacturing industry to one of top 4 container manufacturers was attributed to customer recognition and good reputation with high output and excellent quality and service as well as its sound image on standard operation established in the industry. Built on all those solid foundations, Shanghai Universal is now advancing to the status of industry leader at its impressive speed.

  The past thirteen years are the period when Shanghai Universal’s container manufacturing people worked really hard to make their businesses successful. Generation after generation of leaders of container manufacturing facilities led their people to get through the difficult periods of starting a business with their wisdom and courage; to persevere in ten years of production and operation with their strong sense of responsibility; to overcome hardships and frustrations with their great wit and bravery. The decision-makers of these three container manufacturing factories gave play to their advantages and presented satisfactory report cards and wrote moving stories of struggle for local economic growth and the Group’s 6+1 industry development. Jinzhou container manufacturing facility joined hands with China Railway Container Transport Co., Ltd. in 2008, signed a long-term reciprocal agreement with Jinzhou Port in 2017, and joined hands with the French city of Marseille in 2018 for the promotion of the “Belt and Road” Initiative and became a star enterprise there. For Guangzhou container manufacturing facility, in 2015 it shouldered the responsibility of State-owned enterprise and grasped the opportunity keenly by responding actively to the national environmental protection policy and implementing four and a half months’ production halt for “oil paint to water-based paint” production line transformation. In 2017, based on its accurate market judgment, Guangzhou facility decided to initiate the double-shift system and achieved satisfactory results in terms of annual economic benefit, productivity & efficiency and quality reputation, making itself the biggest winner in the industry in that year. Those wonderful business cases prove that Shanghai Universal’s container manufacturing decision-making teams are experienced, cooperative, responsible, smart and efficient teams that can withstand great tests and pressure and are never content with past achievements. Thanks to the great tradition of generation after generation of container manufacturing people, Shanghai Universal always maintain intensive vitality and passion and will lead these three container manufactories to scale new heights in the container manufacturing industry.

  The past thirteen years are also the most memorable time in which Shanghai Universal takes the greatest pride. These three container manufacturing facilities successively passed the certification and reassessment of secondary (provincial) enterprises on work safety standardization. Guangzhou container manufacturing facility led the industry in passing the certification of “one thousand cleaner production units”, received the certification as a high-tech enterprise in Guangdong province in 2016 and was certified as a provincial small technology giant in 2017. Jinzhou container manufacturing facility was included in the first batch of provincial “green factory” enterprises in 2018 and became the first container manufacturing enterprise in China that had ever received such certification. Lianyungang container manufacturing facility was named a “Jiangsu provincial enterprise technology center” by seven provincial departments and commissions in 2017. Those honors witnessed the growth and expansion of Shanghai Universal as well as past and present achievements of Shanghai Universal. Great time calls for great enterprise. If the Group’s strong resource platform is the stepping stone for Shanghai Universal’s development, our own effort and struggle are the stairs and channels that help make ourselves faster, higher and stronger. Concentrating on our cause and working hard to promote further development will be the forever pursuit of our generation of container manufacturing people.

  Today we are about to wave goodbye to the record of 3 million TEUs. Tomorrow we will strive for a higher goal. The historical glory will motivate everyone of us to seize every minute to identify our own development goals amid market fluctuations and movements and contribute to the shift of the container manufacturing industry from pursuit of production capacity to pursuit of perfect combination of quality and quantity. In the face of industry competition, we will win over customers and grab market share with our sincere dedication, establish China COSCO Shipping’s own container manufacturing brand on national and group platforms, and make DFIC logo shine brightly in rivers, seas, mountains and highways all over the world.

  Within Guangzhou container manufacturing facility, the container outlet of the production line is still rolling out containers with each passing minute, the yard is still bustling with operating vehicles and cranes, and the production record of new containers is continuously updated……

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